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Dalin spring starter

What is the DaLin spring starter:

A kind of starter which transform manual cranking energy into disc spring potential energy. The potential energy can be released all in once so as to start engine .

Know details

1, Dalin spring starter product function:

The starter is to compress and energize the high energy springs within the unit, then to rapidly discharge energy to start the engine. It needs only hand cranking and releasing.

2, Dalin spring starter typical feature:

 Adaptation (Adapt to various working conditions including whereis sensitive to spark, chemistry and moist atmosphere)

Safe (A mechanical starting device which is operated by humanly possible indirect hand cranking,

Compactstructure (independent work system without electricity/gas/liquid system configuration)

Crankingdevice (As a tool to slowly crank the engine)

Fast (complete energy storage and release process by convenient human operation)

Maintenance-free (best lubricated antifriction corrosion resistant)

Reliable (reasonable design, mature technology, high quality material, strict control)

Protector (effectively reduce the mal-operationfailure ratio on dual starter engine)

3,Dalin spring starter instructions    

-Total displacement of 6 cylinder in-line engine can be up to 19Litersand 16 cylinder V-type engine can reach 30 Liters

- Suitable for emergency generator-set, lifeboat, fire control and emergency Pump-sets, construction machinery, power unit, irrigation and drainage unit, etc

Dalin spring starter Competitive advantages

1, Reliability - Simulated condition bench test shows trouble-free experiment for more than 3000 starting cycles. In the field, customer's feedback: DaLin spring starter can work more than eight years and longer;

2, Stability - The unique spring starting condition simulation test bench to do independent test and check/record automatically for every starter;

3, Cost Performance - All parts are made from mature material, manufactured by qualified heat treatment and machining process. On same power level of the starters,  DaLin spring starter costs more less than similar competing starter.

4, More powerful - Dalin spring starter has exceptional starting ability especially on large displacement engine( 6 cylinder can be up to 19L, 12 cylinder can reach 30L, Max can start  Cummins K38);

5, Protector – As pioneer of spring starter protector, it effectively reduces mal-operation failure ratio and make sure safety of operation;

6, Service - Humanization after-sales support, resolve customer trouble back at home


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