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W series (special design)

Dalin spring Starter Series (W series)

Dalin spring Starter Series (W series)

This spring starter for the engine which have no enough spacer.

always used for some small engine.

Know details

According to engine’s displacement, load, and installation place, we will recommend a suitable spring starter model for your engine.

And we can design a customized spring starter suitable for engine’s mounting face.


We will send two-dimensional drawing for your confirmation. If needed, we can also provide three-dimensional drawing for trial assembly. All we want to do is to offer you the most suitable starter for your engine.


So far, we have designed, developed and tested over a hundred models of spring starter for engines. We hope that we can provide you with the professional services.


All products are tested by the unique spring starting test bench, ensuring that all products have detailed test data (torque, energy, peak, speed, input/output ratio, conversion rate, stability ratio, curve, etc.).


All starters are equipped with micro-lock protection device, which can help to effectively avoid maloperation on double-start engine. Lengthen the life of the engine.


We use maintenance-free grease in its internal parts., Our products are baking finished, and it is spark-free, fire-proof, water-proof, oil-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-salted.


We enclose user-friendly operation manual for each starter. If needed, relevant operation video will be provided.


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